среда, 1 апреля 2009 г.

9.11.2008–30.11.2008 – personal exhibition of graphics in Zoom-Gallery.

«These miniature graphics and small collages were created by a twenty-year-old-artist. He is going to graduate The faculty of philology and arts of «The Big» (Saint-Petersburg State) University in a specialty «Decorative and Applied Arts». The more amazing seems the matter and stylistics of his works. All, that’s taking place in Yaroslav Misonzhnikov’s wee, but detailed pictures, happens between people and, at first, is quite unlike the DAA’s usual embellishment and, secondly, shows a sudden mature, even guess extramature sophistication in a graphics tradition.
People watching television, growing beard, receiving messages, dragging sheeps, kids and suitcases and forcedly embarking some of every type. Biblical cues penetrate into the image’s space with inevitability of context advertisment – now a ram turns into a lamb, now a dressed-in-red-wife seems Rahil or Sarra. A man in metro, as Itshak, just has buoght primogeniture and everything following for a mess of pottage, becoming deep in universal thought aggainst the background of as if casual significant symbols. Quasi a logo of any cellular operator suddenly turns into the destiny-omen.
Yaroslav Misonzhnikov definitely enlightened about Shagal, Matiss and Picasso, but in his art-blood is more likely stirred in “leningrad” graphicists, especially Vladimir Lebedev with his cheeky ice-creamers and citizens-snowdrifts. And even his sketches for the installation he made as a participant in the youth exhibition “Homo Arcticus” on museum-icebreaker “Krassin” carry us back to the passeist’s lithography of Anna Ostroumova-Lebedeva.

Darya Agapova, columnist in «Time Out» magazine.

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