понедельник, 24 мая 2010 г.

These winter’s evenings for us – the cold that you feel working with computer or textbooks in an immovable state for hours. And of course isn’t not always comfortable to cover yourself with a blanket or wearing an extra sweater. The designer from St.Petersburg Yaroslav Misonzhnikov worked out the universal system of plaid for chairs. Two stripes of felt could be attached to a chair by press-buttons.

With a light stir a man slips on his shoulders a strip, then another one. The plaid isn’t strengthened, so it permits a man move. The system was called “+”, because in a working state it reminds the positive sign. In some way the plaid also reminds an eastern kimono. It’s then proposed the worked out project would be used for different kinds of chairs. The project was presented as a part of the exposition of a design school “ArtFuture” at the furniture exhibition ICFF opened 15th of May in New York.

"DUGA" Lamp was inspired by part of harness, often used in famous Russian "troika". It is a floor standing light source both decorative and functional

Yaroslav Misonzhnikov for ArtFuture Design School.

Exhibition "ICFF 2010", New York

Plywood and plastic floor lamp 100 cm height, 2010