пятница, 24 апреля 2009 г.

One project changes the another. The same happened after «Home exhibition». I met outstanding girls from neighbor studio – organizers of the art union «Ouick Pics» (quick pictures). The most well-known action of this artists-group – is online-drawing. In coffee-room «Books and Coffee» get together about 20 artists, poets, musician and audience. One by one artists sit down at the table, they have 5 minutes for creating a few pictures. The process of the drawing shoots a video and this is shown on the screen. Creation of art works can be accompanied by poets or musicians. I was succeeded to take a part in this action.The situation when your drawing is observes by one hundred of people was interesting, but at first a little bit unused. Together with young artists there were more experienced and older representatives, for example painter Vladimir Zagorov, graphic artist Vasily Bertels. 

On the photo me (photographer: Alice Florizelle)

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