четверг, 20 октября 2011 г.

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Svoi lamp is an essence of author's reflection about how nature tends sometimes to a continuous repetitive form. Some plants, especially these south succulent ones, have their branches paralelly grown, others really look like ready patterns. Slavic designers used this forms broadly since ancient times, what is notable in early examples of everyday objects decoration from southern zones of Russia. Svoi can be translated from russian as “ours'”; the form of lighting object that seems rather familiar and at the same time surprisingly gorgeous. To show the Svoi's real nature character a short promo video was shot in a deep russian forest ambience with a participation of some look like people. It reveals some ancient pagan Ivan-Kupala traditions like dancing in the forest and complete with all nature elaments. In Svoi ceramics really hugs the wooden elements and makes the tree story goes on so far in a single pendant lamp of russian designer Yaroslav Misonzhnikov. 

Exhibition:  Salone Satelite l Saloni WorldWide Moscow 2011

Svoi for APSTEC
pendant lamp 60 cm height (ceramics, wood, metall, LED), 2011