вторник, 31 марта 2009 г.

The participants of the exhibition «Homo Arcticus» were young artists from Russia and Belarus.
1. Maria Aprasidi – sculptor; art-object: ice-breaker, with bear-bodies – «Thanks by all, people!» (metal, gesso)
2. Sveta Gerasimova – textile-painter; art-object: armchair made of white jerricans (plastic).
3. Tatiana Gorshenkova - crafts-artist, agr object common with Daria Makarenko.
4. Daria Makarenko – Makarenko and Gorshenkova founded an art union «Mac&Go», their activity is painting, installation, successful participation in contests and exhibitions; their common art-object: refrigerator with painted-in-white product-waste simbolized extinct animals from Arctic – «Keep in cold» (metal, plastics )
5. Ivan Grohotkov – physicist, winner of physics grants, lecturer in Lyceum "Physical-Technical High School" (PTHS), photographer; art-object: swimming-pool, periodically flooded (plastics, glass)
6. Alexi Goubarev – our special guest, artist from Minsk (Belarus), now he lives in Czech Republic; art-object: «Birds fly to the North» – shades of birds on the upper deck (film, acrylic paint)
7. Veselina Kuznetsova –sculptur and art-manager; art-object was some kind of happening: visitors received an opportunity to take part in a simbolical process of arctic saving, they imprinted palms on the soft surface of clay-arctic body – "Arctic saving" (ceramics, clay, plaster) 
8. Yaroslav Misonzhnikov – that’s me; my artistic object was, besides the project I wrote about above, – «Add to Cart. Price: 10000000…». In the Cart from supermarket was Arctic map and everybody can bought it! (metal, cardboard)
9. Nikita Panin – artist, freelance illustrator in Art.Lebedev Studio; art-object: pictures of wanted white bears (digital paintings)

10. Inna Pozina – a mature artist, who exhibited some art-works in Russian Museum (Saint-Petersburg), does videoart, installations, art-objects;for the exhibition she created an installation with two white overalls streamed in the wind (textiles)
11. Nikita Silich – studies monumental painting; art-object: bath with unfrozen white bear (ceramics, plastics)
Nikita Timoshenko – a painter (the runner-up of the 3rd Showdown at Saatchi Online), and graphic designer; art-object: canvas with deconstructive graphic, which wrapped funnel of ice-breaker (textiles, acrylic) 
13. Marina Tsai – ceramist; art-object: cake, which simbolized Arctic and had being divided between countries (foam, acrylic)

Music: DJ Bagus (SPB)
Photographer: Alexandr Slonimsky

At 1-th July 2008 was exhibition «Homo Arcticus» on the ice-breaker «Krassin». We together with Veselina Kuznetsova decided to organize the exhibition and invite our friends, young artists, to take part in it. At first we thought about another place for exhibition – we admired to do that on the roof-terrace one house in center of city. But in the end the exibition took place on the icebreaker, and there were no regrets about this fact. «Krassin» is a wonderful place – museum and art-object itself with century history. Theme of exhibition was topical and proper for the place: economical, ecological, political problems of Arctic. Artists did installations and art-objects. «Creations, which are made to live a very short life, conceived with posters expressiveness on a challenge – answer. Challenge: endangered ice earth become an object of international trade. Answer: symbolic Arctic add in the Cart from supermarket. Challenge: for free from ice waterways scuffles countries and corporations. Answer: on the upper deck – delined part of the world, which is covered up with imprints of greedy palms. Challenge: very soon white bears will have no place to live. Answer: symbol of North Pole sprawl on the upper deck in touching and absurd pose, like it was floating of ice under him»(Liudmila Svetlova, Time Out Petersburg, 27.06-10.07.2008, №13). On this photo my installation – «Ruined Saint-Petersburg». There were 16 glass bottles, in which were ruined small ceramic buildings as an allegory of what will happen after a flood caused by globing warming.

пятница, 13 марта 2009 г.

After exhibition in WunderBar-Gallery we met two DJ-fellows: Anton Hild and El (Clear Emotions Promo Group). They invited us participate in their parties activity as designers and performansers in BubbleBar (Konjusennaja pl, 2). Me, Veselina Kuznetsova and Sveta Gerasimova did a few monumental graphic works using old soviet wall-papers with floral ornament. The main theme of the party was USA 60-th time (Retro). We drew two huge old cars (2,5*4 metres), African Americans dancers with like Angela Davis hairstyle, gramophone, hanged sheets with wheat drawn on it. Actually I did little to realize this progect from the beginning to the end … But all of us received great experience working with monumental size in visual art.
My next exhibition was in February 2008. It took place in a nice cafe-bar “WunderBar” (Saint-Petersburg, Dobrolubova st. 9). The title was “People’s between”. The visitors could see there some of my graphic works and collages. I made it jointly with Veselina Kuznetsova, my good friend, talented painter and sculptur. Since October 2007 we founded Art union “V_yamku” (that’s pun means: Veselina_yamKuznetsova or V_YaroslavMisonzhnikovku). We study art and work together, doing different design and organizing exhibitions (“People’s between”, “Homo Arcticus”). The first common project - fly-cards for the ecological contest “Have opinion”. And other you can see further…

That’s my artwork of summer 2007. Me and my university group did installations as a summer practice for “The International Contemporary Art Exhibition PLOT-4”. “Plot” – could be translated from russian as a “float-boat” or “raft”. Every two years that’s organized on a lakeside in Ozerki in Saint-Petersburg by The Art-union “Country of artists” (1995, 1998, 2002, 2007). That’s a brainchild of such artists as Alexandr Zadorin, Dmitriy Kaminker and Alexandr Pozin. Art works and installations usually placed on this rafts and launched into the lake or on the lakeside. The best way to observe it is boating. This year new “PLOT-5” is going to take place. My project is called “Gate to art fantasy”. I projected this installation with a well-known sculptor Oleg Zhogin. 14 cardboard boxes formed 3,5 m height arch. It brings you back to the childhood, when we used to collect some words and stamps. The arc was placed on the path.

Hello! my name is Yaroslav Misonzhnikov (Ярослав Мисонжников). I am studing art in Saint-Petersburg State University. Since 2007 I take part in different exhibitions. Like:

  1. July 2007 participation in The International Contemporary Art Exhibition PLOT-4
  2. February 2008 exhibition of graphics “People’s between” in WunderBar-Gallery
  3. July 2008 organization and participation in The International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Homo Arcticus”
  4. November 2008 personal exhibition of graphics in Zoom-Gallery
  5. February 2009 Saint-Petersburg State University exhibition of decorative and applied arts, The Union of designers
    My art works are also at Flickr:
    My other photos You can see here http://www.flickr.com/photos/jariksen2
    My E-mail adress yaroslav.misonzhnikov@gmail.com