четверг, 23 апреля 2009 г.

In February 2009 I won scholarship in design school «Art-future». Generally studies there paid, but I receive a free place. This school exists just for five years, but it is to represent Russia in Milan's exhibition "iSaloni" this spring! There, by the way, will go my groupmate and friend Elvira Ziyangirova with her project. In this design school are three faculties – fashion-design, publicity-design and interior-design. I study the last one. Beside with profile disciplines I have painting. Lecturer is a remarkable artist – Vladimir Mikhailovich Smirnov. He calls himself grandson of Malevich and Filonov. He studied art by Vladimir Sterligov (student of Malevich) and Tatyana Glebova (student of Filonov). Filonov is one of my favorite artists, especially after reading his memoirs!
And this is my art work in entrance examination: theme «The golden strongroom» (collage).

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  1. Отличная статья, мне кажется что вам нужно в какие нибудь спец журналы писать