вторник, 31 марта 2009 г.

The participants of the exhibition «Homo Arcticus» were young artists from Russia and Belarus.
1. Maria Aprasidi – sculptor; art-object: ice-breaker, with bear-bodies – «Thanks by all, people!» (metal, gesso)
2. Sveta Gerasimova – textile-painter; art-object: armchair made of white jerricans (plastic).
3. Tatiana Gorshenkova - crafts-artist, agr object common with Daria Makarenko.
4. Daria Makarenko – Makarenko and Gorshenkova founded an art union «Mac&Go», their activity is painting, installation, successful participation in contests and exhibitions; their common art-object: refrigerator with painted-in-white product-waste simbolized extinct animals from Arctic – «Keep in cold» (metal, plastics )
5. Ivan Grohotkov – physicist, winner of physics grants, lecturer in Lyceum "Physical-Technical High School" (PTHS), photographer; art-object: swimming-pool, periodically flooded (plastics, glass)
6. Alexi Goubarev – our special guest, artist from Minsk (Belarus), now he lives in Czech Republic; art-object: «Birds fly to the North» – shades of birds on the upper deck (film, acrylic paint)
7. Veselina Kuznetsova –sculptur and art-manager; art-object was some kind of happening: visitors received an opportunity to take part in a simbolical process of arctic saving, they imprinted palms on the soft surface of clay-arctic body – "Arctic saving" (ceramics, clay, plaster) 
8. Yaroslav Misonzhnikov – that’s me; my artistic object was, besides the project I wrote about above, – «Add to Cart. Price: 10000000…». In the Cart from supermarket was Arctic map and everybody can bought it! (metal, cardboard)
9. Nikita Panin – artist, freelance illustrator in Art.Lebedev Studio; art-object: pictures of wanted white bears (digital paintings)

10. Inna Pozina – a mature artist, who exhibited some art-works in Russian Museum (Saint-Petersburg), does videoart, installations, art-objects;for the exhibition she created an installation with two white overalls streamed in the wind (textiles)
11. Nikita Silich – studies monumental painting; art-object: bath with unfrozen white bear (ceramics, plastics)
Nikita Timoshenko – a painter (the runner-up of the 3rd Showdown at Saatchi Online), and graphic designer; art-object: canvas with deconstructive graphic, which wrapped funnel of ice-breaker (textiles, acrylic) 
13. Marina Tsai – ceramist; art-object: cake, which simbolized Arctic and had being divided between countries (foam, acrylic)

Music: DJ Bagus (SPB)
Photographer: Alexandr Slonimsky

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