вторник, 31 марта 2009 г.

At 1-th July 2008 was exhibition «Homo Arcticus» on the ice-breaker «Krassin». We together with Veselina Kuznetsova decided to organize the exhibition and invite our friends, young artists, to take part in it. At first we thought about another place for exhibition – we admired to do that on the roof-terrace one house in center of city. But in the end the exibition took place on the icebreaker, and there were no regrets about this fact. «Krassin» is a wonderful place – museum and art-object itself with century history. Theme of exhibition was topical and proper for the place: economical, ecological, political problems of Arctic. Artists did installations and art-objects. «Creations, which are made to live a very short life, conceived with posters expressiveness on a challenge – answer. Challenge: endangered ice earth become an object of international trade. Answer: symbolic Arctic add in the Cart from supermarket. Challenge: for free from ice waterways scuffles countries and corporations. Answer: on the upper deck – delined part of the world, which is covered up with imprints of greedy palms. Challenge: very soon white bears will have no place to live. Answer: symbol of North Pole sprawl on the upper deck in touching and absurd pose, like it was floating of ice under him»(Liudmila Svetlova, Time Out Petersburg, 27.06-10.07.2008, №13). On this photo my installation – «Ruined Saint-Petersburg». There were 16 glass bottles, in which were ruined small ceramic buildings as an allegory of what will happen after a flood caused by globing warming.

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