пятница, 13 марта 2009 г.

After exhibition in WunderBar-Gallery we met two DJ-fellows: Anton Hild and El (Clear Emotions Promo Group). They invited us participate in their parties activity as designers and performansers in BubbleBar (Konjusennaja pl, 2). Me, Veselina Kuznetsova and Sveta Gerasimova did a few monumental graphic works using old soviet wall-papers with floral ornament. The main theme of the party was USA 60-th time (Retro). We drew two huge old cars (2,5*4 metres), African Americans dancers with like Angela Davis hairstyle, gramophone, hanged sheets with wheat drawn on it. Actually I did little to realize this progect from the beginning to the end … But all of us received great experience working with monumental size in visual art.

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